Company Profile


  • Performed market surveys & analyses in Europe for Computer Communications Inc. (CCI), Intertec Inc., Penril Datacom, Stewart Warner, Wanlass Electric and United Technologies (Teledynamics Div.)

  • Established & managed complete European distribution networks for Memotec Inc., Perle Systems, Ltd., Datagram, Penril Datacom, Wanlass Electric and United Technologies (Teledynamics Div.)

  • Negotiated a manufacturing license for SEFME of France with a major US company.

  • Arranged the sale of a multi-million dollar data communication Network composed of Northern Telecom equipment to the Société General de Banque in Belgium.

  • Established and initially managed Team Canada, and Gaia Converter Canada, both subsidiaries of French companies.

Our Expertise

  • Industrial high-technology

Our Philosophy

  • Results....Results....Results....

Our World

  • Europe, US, Canada, Mexico

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